2 Man Show with Jonathan Darby & Adam Caldwell @ WHITE WALLS, June 2011, San Francisco

 I have just been confirmed for a 2 man show with Adam Caldwell this coming June in White Walls Gallery, SF. More
details to follow closer to the time. Here are a couple examples of Adam's work...


‘SHOCK DOCTRINE’ for ‘Never Judge?’ Group Show @ Stolen Space 3.12.10

Mixed media on salvaged wood
Enclosed in hand-made metal shell
 20cm x 13cm
A brief insight into Naomi Klein’s Book ‘Shock Doctrine’…

‘NEVER JUDGE?’ Group show in assosciation with Penguin Books @ Stolen Space Gallery



2010 has been a very busy year, lots of traveling, lots of painting, lots of shows, and what better a way to end the year with a couple more group shows to end a brilliant year. THANK YOU 2010.

‘NEVER JUDGE’ group show in association with Penguin Books @ STOLEN SPACE GALLERY Dec 3rd-23rd
The first show that is coming up is the ‘NEVER JUDGE’ group show in association with Penguin Books at STOLEN SPACE. The Show will be running form 3rd December through til  the 23rd. The brief for the show was to create a piece (in almost any media) the size of a penguin book cover based on a book that has some kind of relevance. I have taken the opportunity to do a slightly different kind of piece. Expect at least 80 artists taking part, with the usual line up of the gallery artists as well as a very impressive list of others…Come to the show @ STOLEN SPACE GALLERY or watch this space for more. More details of the show can be found here
TRUE BRITS‘ 3 man show with Dan BaldwinDale Grimshaw & myself @ BLACKBOOK GALLERY, Denver, Colorado. Dec 4th-23rd
I have been invited to take part in a 3 man show alongside Dan Baldwin and Dale Grimshaw in a fairly new gallery in Denver, Colorado. The Gallery, formerly known as Andenken, is now THE BLACKBOOK GALLERY. The show, “TRUE BRITS”, will be held from December 4th through til the end of December. watch this space for more images of work plus work in situ. More details of the show can be found here

JONATHAN DARBY SOLO SHOW @ SIGNAL GALLERY, March 2011Finally, I will begin to be working on my second London Solo Show which will be held in SIGNAL GALLERYin march, 2011. Lots of ideas swirling, very excited at the prospects of new work…WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE DETAILS….

Finally, Finally, I have finally had some spare time to rebuild my website which is scheduled to go online before the end of December…Its looking nice and smart….COMING SOOOOOOON



Signal Gallery have moved into a new bigger slicker gallery space just round the corner from the previous space. Byroglyphicssolo show “SUBSIDIARY” was the opening event for the new gallery space. More images of the new space coming soon.


The new address of Signal Gallery is:

32 Paul Street
London EC2A 4LB


BP piece for ‘AS THEY SEE IT’ @ 941GEARY, SF

This is the piece that I have been working on for the upcoming show ‘AS THEY SEE IT’ at 941GEARY in SF. It was unavoidable for me not to do some work in response to the catastrophe that has been and still is taking place thanks to BP. The magnitude and sheer scale of the devastation is hard to fathom. At first I wasn’t sure how to approach this piece as I believe that the hardest hit is the environment and all its creatures. However a large portion of the population that is effected by the mess is completely dependent on the fishing areas that have been/are being destroyed…

TOXIC: Gulf Full Length

Insight into what is really happening to the environment and those effected on a local level as a result of the BP spill.

Caught in the oil – The Big Picture