The build up to the show at WHITE WALLS turned out to be an incredible time. Most of us were out of towners, holland, london, italy, new york, so we all spent a fair amount of time together through out the week and some great relationships were formed…it was a real pleasure to work together and the build up to the show was by far the most enjoyable time. The WHITE WALLS crew were great hosts and they definitely played an important role in creating such a great atmosphere/environment to work in. SO A BIG MASSIVE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, LETS HOPE WE CAN DO IT AGAIN SOMEDAY.

You can view the full photo album HERE

Justin & Leigh from WHITE WALLS
Remi/Rough at work
Cheryl Dunn
Erik Otto
Chris Blackstock from WHITE WALLS
Anthony Lister & Angela BoatwrightJustin doing the chors
Sam Ash & Diana Spaghetto
Augustine Kofie
Curator of it all iO T. Wright
My work in progress, had to do a painting in the gallery as time was an issue
Remi/Rough mid installation

Dutch Crew Antistrot
Silas from Antistrot