The winter group show this winter is very strong, lots of big dogs featuring here…

Images courtesy of S.VEGAS & UNUSUALIMAGE

Here’s the spiel about the show…

Our annual group show this year is stronger than ever. As usual, we are focusing on the top end of the urban art scene. There will be paintings (though not all on canvas), drawings, 3d work and ceramics.

The show will be our richest yet featuring a stunning line up of seventeen international artists, most of whom will be showcased in solo shows over the next eighteen months in the gallery. The artists are: Dan Baldwin (UK), Armsrock (Denmark), Byroglyphics (UK), Dale Grimshaw (UK), Guy Denning (UK/France), Case (Germany), Jonathan Darby (UK), David Le Fleming (New Zealand), Ethos (Brazil), C215 (France), Alke Schmidt (Germany/UK), Holly Thoburn (UK), Jef Aerosol (France), Labrona (Canada), Christopher Ross (Canada), SPQR (UK) and Istvan Szanto (Hungary).


We avoided any brief for the artists, only asking them to keep their works on the small side so that we can fit them all in the gallery. All the works have been specially produced for the show and have not been shown elsewhere before.

After two and a half years of showing work in Hoxton this show is a landmark for us, pulling together many creative strands. The show represents where we are now as a gallery.

Guy Denning
Dale Grimshaw
David Le Fleming
Holly Thoburn